LaGarçonne App Reviews

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All I see is a blank black screen when I open it.

Doesn't work

It freezes or closes every time I try to use it. Love the website/store, but this app is useless.

Slow, buggy and hard to use

The app adds little more to the shopping experience that you don't get by shopping via the www and crashes all the time. It's slow as a snail too. Total waste of time. The only value add I see here is the home menu which is a mobile friendly list of shopping categories! Why not just fix your site to work on mobile devices like mr porter? The person who gave this app 5 stars must be the developer or working for the store cuz this is a joke.

Excellent app

I love having La Garconne on my iPhone; the app maintains the clean, functional and aesthetically-pleasing shopping experience that the website is known for. My only suggestion would be to add a better zoom function when viewing product images.

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